WTF are CockyRoaches?!


These traveling roaches are original & randomly generated NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. The 1st generation of CockyRoaches consists of 4,000 randomly composited roaches (from a possibility of over 1 million) with different levels of rarity.

We are starting out with a presale of just 30 roaches. 


Get yours here!

Elements of a CockyRoach NFT

Your CockyRoach will be made up of a background of an actual place and different accessories, clothes, or facial expressions. In addition, CockyRoaches come in 6 different colors.

The Roadmap

1. Build Discord Community (Q1 2022)
2. Build DAO and voting mechanism (Q2 2022)
3. New concept for gamification and social impact (Q3 2022)
4. New site launch (Q4 2022)


The team


We are travelers, digital nomads, designers, and geeks. For us, this is a unique and memorable passion project.

You might ask yourself, “why roaches?” After meeting many sassy roaches on our travels, we realized they are one of the few constants in a world which is incessantly changing. 

Also, they don’t give up & neither do we!

Nitty Gritty



They’ve survived mass extinctions, being the insects with the worst rep, 

and now they are heading out to the mainstream!

These cute and CockyRoaches are traveling out into the real world to explore. 

Humans are stuck inside or behind masks, time to conquer..😈

Why get a CockyRoach?


If you are a traveler and nature lover, we are planning on building a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) revolving around this excruciatingly cute NFT. We will be deciding upon the future direction it will go, its social impact, and of course, there will be fun times including giveaways, exclusive events, and rainbows.

What’s an NFT?
NFT is short for “Non-fungible token”. These are unique pieces of art which can be bought or traded.

What do I need to buy an NFT?
You only need to have a digital wallet. After you buy a CockyRoach, it will be sent to your wallet. See more info here.

What’s in it for me?
Eventually your CockyRoach could be able to log travels, gain points, overcome challenges, and more. We can gamify our art. Let’s build this up together! Our discord is waiting for you.

Are CockyRoaches a good investment?
You will have to be the judge and make a decision for yourself. We are working day and night to make it happen.

What about the tokenomics?
We are doing a presale of 30 roaches to give outside collaborators a chance to shape the beginning of our NFT. Afterwards, we will be holding giveaways and competitions for 200 CockyRoaches after launch. Our team will keep 20 for themselves and the rest are up for grabs.

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